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About Us

MN Cup Seminfinalists

GloPro Firefly is proud to announce that we are one the companies moving forward to the  Semifinal Round in the MN Cup for emerging entrepreneurers.    

Sponsored by the  University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.

Check out our video for more on GloPro Firefly  

GloPro Firefly Video Image for Link-1.jpg

Summary of Process

Fully protect Glo Pro Technology through a U.S. Patent

Introduce proprietary product to a controlled audience or focus group

Gain product awareness at trade shows and public events

License GloPro Firefly to a tier one  manufacturer and distributor

Introduce Glo Pro

Test the proprietary product on several groups of unfamiliar people and record feedback

Necessary to understand the market's reception to a new product

Make product adjustments if needed

Keep feedback as testimony when licensing to a manufacturer

Gain Awareness


Once GloPro Firefly is protected and tested it's time to exhibit it to the market.


The goal is to create consumer demand and gain the attention of the media and tier one manufacturers.


Approach manufacturers to demonstrate and present the product with the intent to license.



Protecting, testing and advertising GloPro Firefly  will give us the necessary tools to sell a license agreement to a tier one manufacturer


The protected product can be tested at golf tournaments, golf courses, and trade shows,

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