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Ready to Putt Like a Pro?

GloPro Firefly is a revolutionary new tool
to improve your putting game! 

GloPro In Action.jpg

Putting is 40% of your total score per round of golf.  Improvements in putting lead to lower scores.

GloPro Firefly will get you there by marked improvement in stroke tempo, accuracy, and hand-eye muscle memory reinforcement!

Want to become better at putting?

GloPro Firefly is a golf training aid specifically designed to improve a player's putting game. 
It consists of a laser light, a clamp, and a pad.

To use GloPro, attach the laser to the shaft of your putter, with the laser light pointing down, facing the pad.  (see the set-up video below)

GloPro is a real-time visual aid allowing you to see the path and alignment of your stroke to help ensure that your backswing is the same length as your follow through.


When you see your club's path and tempo -- you receive instant bio feedback on mistakes you may be making in your stroke, such as pulling.

Importantly, this revolutionary putting aid provides you with a way to SEE what you need to do to improve your putt.  


  • Patent Pending

  • Insured

  • MN CUP Semifinalist 2023
    (UofM Carlson School of Management)

  • LLC

How to install GloPro

This short video demonstrates the ease of setting up your GloPro Firefly.

Enhancing your putting game is just mintues away!
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